We work with any size project and can help with any stage of production, from development through post. Please use the contact form below to request a free consultation. 

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Development      Pre-Production      Production      Post-Production      Promotion

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General Planning

Brainstorm ideas, consider timelines, create preliminary budget.

Production scheduling

Plan deadlines for hiring, fundraising, script revisions, and other needs.


Creation of narrative, commercial, or documentary scripts, short or feature. 

Script Coverage

Summary and analysis of your script with suggestions for revision.

Script Coaching 

An honest, encouraging partnership from development to revision.

Pitch Deck creation 

Building visual and text materials to help you pitch your project or script.



Crew Hiring

Connections to reliable crew for every department, salary negotiation.

Location Scouting

Photo and video scouts, logistics breakdowns, coordination with owners.


Planning for costs, beginning with either a dollar amount or a wish list.

Crowdfunding help

Guidance or coordination for platforms like GoFundMe and Seed & Spark.

Schedule Development 

Creation of production timelines and shooting schedules.

Travel and Transportation 

Arrangements for cast and crew, coordination of production vehicles.




Work with actors, cinematographer, departments to bring vision to life.


Coordination of hiring, budget, locations, and set operations.

Video Capture

Full service cinematography or video capture of events and b-roll.


Audio Capture

Recording of high-quality sound. 


One-on-one or group interviews, in studio or on location.

Drone Footage 

Capture of dynamic aerial images.

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Organization and storage of footage, creation of rough and polished cuts.


Creation of text, visual graphics, and animations.

Sound Design

Balance of dialog and background sound, sound design.


Creation and recording of audio narration.

Color Grading 

Balance and enhance color of footage, establish project color palette.




Electronic Press Kit

Design of text, quotes, and images to tell the story of your project.

Behind the Scenes 

Still or video images of production for use in promotional materials. 

Film Festival Submissions

Help with strategies, selection, and budget for festival submissions.

Grant Applications

Guidance to navigate the process, interpret requirements, gather materials. 


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