A Love Letter To A Love Letter

We are super happy to announce that our newest essay is live after a month-long copyright claim dispute. "USS Callister And The Insanity Of Nostalgia" is about the rich, layered commentary in Black Mirror's stand-out episode, "USS Callister", and about its surprising connections to the very beginning of the modern novel.

Thank you for you patience! We have new essays underway, and our Discovery End-Of-Season Review is being made right now. You will see that very soon =)

This particular essay would not be possible without our Trekspertise team this time around - Katie Boyer, Sam Frazier Jr., Josh Cooley, Patrick Sullivan, Steve Ashlee, and Randy "Mongo" Halpern. And thank you to Katherine Ross for reading our credits.

Special Thanks to our generous Trekspertise Patreon supporters. Champions like Acting Ensign Ben 'Water Bear' Pfeifer, Lt. Chase Williams, and Hank Augustus Iaponius Saturninus are the reason this ship can go to warp. Superstars like Kai Ellis, Troy Bernier, Wellington Marcus, Samuel Ulmschneider, Daren Descallar, Alex Absher, Paul Laker, Alex Blocker, & David Radford keep the lights on. Without you, and all of our other patrons, this channel would be banished to the dustbin of history. Thank you =)

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