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Our new podcast, Wikisurfer, is live and heading out to your favorite podcast service right now.

Here is the premise: Wikisurfer is a kind of experiment in podcast storytelling. Two guys - Brandon Fibbs & Kyle Sullivan - will each pick a starting topic on Wikipedia, crack it open, and see what hides inside. Moving purely on curiosity, hoping from hyperlink to hyperlink, they'll pick the best, weirdest, most wonderful stories possible.

And that's it! The inaugural episode features defaced statues, paraidolia, rorschach tests, Dr. Douglas Kelley, Germania, company towns, and the Royal Society.

So, take a listen and let us know how you like it. You can find the first episode at www.wikisurferpodcast.com and on the following podcast services.

iTunes, Google Play, Pocket Casts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify, Podbean, & Soundcloud

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